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Design & Build

Taking you from concept to completion with one dedicated and seamlessly integrated team.

What is Design & Build?

Agape’s Design and Build Process produces projects from concept to completion. It provides customers with the convenience of communicating with one expert source, eliminating much of the stress that naturally accompanies any building project. When you use our "one-stop" service, you can rest assured that you have a professional team in your corner, before, during and after your project.

Agape Construction’s expert Design team is eager to assist you. Licensed Architect Laurie Smith and Professional Engineer Kevin O'Brien, along with our experienced Project Consultants, take a very personalized approach to each client. Together they provide the perfect blend of architectural design and technical expertise.

What are your dreams? Agape Construction helps you bring them to life during design planning meetings. We introduce you to a wide range of quality materials and layout options, carefully considering the specific needs you have for your new space. Once you have made a decision to work with our company, our Design team joined by our talented subcontractors will help you choose cabinets, doors, stains, hardware, lighting, floor coverings, paint, counter tops, appliances, and much more. During the design stage, we constantly check your needs and desires against the available budget, helping manage the balance so that the end result exceeds your expectations

During construction, our experienced Project Manager will oversee your project, meeting with you on a weekly basis to share information and answer your questions.

The Design & Build Process

Contact us via phone or email to get the ball rolling

Our Design Consultant looks forward to speaking with you. Because of his or her design and construction expertise, he can provide a target budget range based on some basic information we gather from you. It is a good idea for you to have some notes of your ideas and a budget in mind.

We encourage you to peruse our website before meeting with us. We request that all decision makers be present for our initial appointment. This helps us all get to know each other and ensure your project and our company are a good fit for one another.

Initial Appointment- Design Agreement Presentation

Our Design Consultant will meet with you at our office or your home depending on the type of project. At this meeting, we will listen to your ideas and find out what is important to you and what will best suit your needs. We will discuss the Design/Build Process and how it is structured to ensure your project's success. Additionally, we will discuss your overall project budget so that we can design within that budget. Our Design and Professional Services Agreement will be presented for your review. The cost of these services may vary based upon the scope of work for your project. View Fees for Detail Design Services.

We encourage you to peruse our website before meeting with us. We request that all decision makers be present for our initial appointment. This helps us all get to know each other and ensure your project and our company are a good fit for one another.

Design Agreement Signed - Initial Design Begins

Next, we develop a custom design solution for your project with our licensed architect and one of our experienced Design Consultants. As our Staff meets with you, we will develop design concept sketches and/or CAD drawings to clarify your vision and design elements. We will arrange visits from our preferred vendors and consultants as needed to solidify your selections.

Review of Initial Design and Approval

After you have approved the Design Agreement, we will prepare a freehand set of floor plans and elevations, as well as an outline of specifications of your project. Our Team will review this plan in detail with you and make any changes you request. We then typically generate a price quotation accurate within 12% of the final bid. The scope of work will clearly describe what is included to ensure that expectations are met. At this point, you have been shown a custom design by Agape. You have also had a chance to work with our company and staff to decide if our style and standards are a fit for you.

Final Design Approval & Scope of Work

Note: An additional fee is due for design completion of remodeling projects.

Now that you have chosen Agape Construction to do the job, it is our responsibility to keep you informed and determine everything you will need to start construction on your project. You will now need to begin materials selections (see #6). At this point, Agape will establish the scope of work to complete your project. We will also prepare a bid, establish selection budgets and determine a timetable for completion. Agape will prepare a contract and complete the construction documents, including the architectural plans and specifications.

Materials Selections

In addition to the Scope of Work, our Selections Coordinator will be working with you to complete the material selections required for your project. The more selections you can make prior to contract signing the better; this eliminates the dreaded allowance overages. A complete list of all appliances, flooring material, plumbing fixtures, lighting or other supplies needed to complete your project will be given to you during the final design phase. We have many choices available in our Selections Showroom for you to choose from. We will also assist you with designers, personal shoppers or just helping you get to the right suppliers for items we do not have in our showroom. Additionally, we can set up appointments for you to select materials. Our suppliers will then send all of the specifications and details of your choices to us.

Construction Contract

Once the scope of work and design are agreed upon, a construction contract will be presented. The signed construction contract and initial deposit will start our list of items that need to be completed before your project can start. This will include ordering long lead-time items and finalizing any structural engineering documents that will be submitted along with the plans for permits. Depending on the complexity of the project, this process can take one to two months. Now is the time to finalize all the material selections. Having the materials selected and ordered prior to construction start is critical to keeping the project schedule moving forward without delay. Many items like cabinetry can require a 6-12 week lead time.

Construction Planning

With plans in hand and materials selected and ordered, we are ready to begin. Our President and Owner, Kevin O’Brien, personally reviews every set of architectural drawings that Agape creates. Your Project Manager, along with the Project Architect, Lead Carpenter(s), Design Consultant, and Estimator will review the entire project in our office making sure that any unanswered questions are addressed. Your Project Manager will then meet you on the job site to walk through the project and review the entire scope of work. At that time any further concerns will be discussed.

Construction Begins

Your Project Manager will supply you with a Construction Schedule for your project. Once the project is under construction, your Project Manager is the first point of contact to discuss your overall project. Your Project Manager works on a daily basis with your Lead Carpenter, and meets with you weekly. You can always contact your Project Manager at the office with any questions. Our goal is to have work completed on a daily basis to move the project along quickly to completion.

Walk Through

At the end of construction, your Project Manager will do a careful walk through with you. Together you will create a punchlist of small items and details that need to be finished before the project is complete.

Closing The Project

Upon completion of the project, you will receive a detailed packet that reviews warranteed products and services. Agape’s Workmanship Warranty is exceptional —12 months of coverage, and beyond! For your convenience, Agape sends out a Warranty Request Letter 45 days and again 11 months after your project is complete. Our goal is to have you as a client for life. If you have questions or concerns after your project has been completed, we are only a phone call away: 314-909-9050

Design Agreement Fees

Our Remodeling Design Agreements start at $500 and go up to 1.5% of the projected project cost.
New Home Design Agreements begin at $7500.
(Fees for both may be broken into two phases.)

Elsewhere, you could easily spend more than twice as much for the same services we offer. The cost for these services may vary based on the scope of work of your project.

Once approved, the design process begins. Our Design Agreements are an affordable solution to “get the ball rolling”. Now you will have several custom design options as well as ballpark pricing. You have also had a chance to work with us and decide if our style and standards are a fit for you. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.