Agape Construction – A Design Build Firm

Feb 16, 2024 | Agape

Agape Construction – A Design Build Firm

You have decided that you would like to remodel your house. Great! You can’t wait to update your home and have a more enjoyable living space! However, once the excitement wears off, you will realize the process can be overwhelming.

building a 3 season room

Traditionally, you would interview architects then hire one to create your design and blueprints. With your design in hand, you must now decide if you are going to hire a contractor or be your own project manager.  If you decide to hire a contractor, you must interview various contractors and decide which one is best equipped to handle your design. However, this can be quite time-consuming. By the time you have hired your contractor and gotten on their books, months could have gone by.

If you decide to be your own project manager, you will quickly realize this is a full-time job and it is not easy. You must hire each trade, make sure they are insured, show up, and do the work to satisfaction. You must manage everyone’s schedule and make sure things get done in the proper order. You must pull permits with your municipality and make sure everything is done to code. This route is riddled with potential pitfalls and headaches.

If you are in the market for a home remodel, consider using a Design Build Firm. A Design Build Firm helps take the pressure off you by streamlining the process, as everything is in-house, under one roof. Agape Construction is St. Louis’ premiere Design Build Firm!

measure up for a home remodel

By using Agape Construction for your home remodel, you will save time and money. We know construction – the ups and downs, potential pitfalls, and help you avoid them. Our architects design with your budget and the construction process in mind, ensuring your project is feasible and affordable. You will see drawings or 3D renderings of your project so you know what the finished space will look like!

architect working on residential drawings

We do initial designs, construction drawings, and have an in-house engineer to review and seal all drawings. Agape has experience working with municipalities in the greater St. Louis area and getting the proper permits in a timely manner.

Agape’s Interior Designers will walk you through the selections process, so you absolutely adore your new space! Our talented tradesmen will bring the vision to life with a beautiful remodel.

carpenter installing cabinetry

If at any point a change order is needed, there is fluid communication between the office and the field, another benefit of working with a Design Build Firm.

Project Manager, Interior Designer, Project Consultant work together

Communication, fluidity, time management and cost savings will be yours when you work with Agape Construction, St. Louis’s Design Build Firm!

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