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Jul 28, 2020 | Agape, Remodel

Even before COVID Stay-At-Home orders, there has been a rising trend of working from home. Whether it be after hours, or your regular daily routine, having a dedicated space for your work can bring you more productivity and peace of mind.

Our skilled carpentry team at Agape take on a variety of projects to help you achieve your home office dreams – custom shelving, beautiful desk designs and more!

Read more about how the carpentry team at Agape can help calm the COVID work-from-home chaos.

Custom Woodworking

Hand-Crafted Furniture

Whether you need an ornate desk, a coffee table, or more kitchen seating to accommodate all those in your family working from home – our team has you covered!

This simple, modern office features not only a custom-built desk, but a beautiful wooden accent wall to give a cozier vibe to this minimalist set up. In the era of Zoom meetings, it’s all about having an attractive work background.

three-car carriage house style garage
Custom Wood Desk

This updated office’s custom bookcases and desk showcases some of our team’s more ornate work. The level of detail and mastery in this compass-like woodworking makes this desk a piece to remain in the family for generations.

Small Offices

Can’t dedicate an entire room to your new need for a home workspace? No problem!

Agape can make any size of space work for your desk needs. Whether it’s a nook in your family room or tucked away in a hallway, we can create a desk to fit the space you have.

Small Custom Desk

The first example is a multi-functional space as it also provides additional storage above and next to the desk space.

Custom Built Modern Desk

The second example is a simple solution provided by one of our talented interior designers for those of you tired of fighting for space at the kitchen table. but still provides a stylish and functional space.

Custom Bookshelves

Built In Bookshelf

What is a study without a bookcase? Because our shelving is all custom-built, we can make any space work so that you can store your books and decorations. See more examples of the variety of bookshelves and storage created by our carpenters over the year below.

Navy Custom Built In Shelves

This show-stopping bookshelf (and desk!) is one of our team’s favorite. The navy blue accent makes the neutral design elements of the room pop for a whimsical modern office.

Kitchen Shelving

Our custom shelving expands beyond bookcases! We know most kitchens do not come move-in ready. We can work around your existing layout to maximize the storage needs of your kitchen and match (or update) your current kitchen’s style.

Mud Room Storage

Your kids need storage space too as schools and activities have moved to virtual for the time being. We love the functionality of these open “locker” type shelving. Each family member deserves their own space for their extracurricular needs.

Why Choose Agape?

Experienced Artisan Carpenters

Chis G is Agape’s Master Carpenter and Built-In Specialist. He is an integral part of Agape’s design-build process and utilizes his talents to aid Agape’s designers and clients. He creates beautiful custom woodwork pieces that fit perfectly with the overall vision for the project.

Chris attended Ranken Technical Institute, trained under other skilled carpenters, and operated his own freelance millwork business before joining Agape full-time. Thanks to this experience, Chris definitely understands how to work within a budget.

Chris gives Agape’s clients the benefit of custom wood-crafted pieces forged from scratch instead of pre-made units that lack a unique touch. He turns unused areas into highly functional spaces.

Beyond working with Agape, Chris enjoys sharpening his carpentry skills by experimenting with new artistic mediums, including chainsaw carving and drywall sculpture.

“I love working with homeowners who allow me the artistic license to create custom wood pieces.” – Agape Master Carpenter Chris G 

Agape Construction Can Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

You dream it; we build it. Get custom wood shelving, cabinets, accent pieces or anything you can imagine, all built by the talented hands of Agape’s carpenters.

Our Quality Craftsmanship Is Built To Last

Ready to toss out the box store book shelves and boring factory cabinets for beautiful custom wood pieces? Our custom carpentry services offer master-level quality that will last a lifetime.

The first step is to talk about your project. Request a complimentary consultation to get started. 

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