What is A Design Build Firm & Why You Should Choose One For Your Next Home Renovation Project

Feb 1, 2021 | Agape, Addition, Remodel, Whole Remodel

Every home renovation project is unique, but nearly every project shares several goals: Bring the homeowner’s vision to life. Exceed expectations. Get it right the first time. Minimize costs and project completion time.

With many contractors, these goals can be hit or miss.

Homeowners may hire a handyman to “redo the bathroom,” or they may develop a design / hire someone to create a design and then hire a contractor to do the renovation.

In many cases, especially for larger renovation projects, homeowners will to develop a design for the renovation then contact a number of contractors and ask for bids, ultimately hiring the lowest bidder in many cases.

The homeowner then ends up coordinating between the project designer and the construction company doing the work.

Since homeowners typically are not experienced construction project managers with an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of these projects or the industry lingo of either architects or contractors, miscommunications are common.

And these miscommunications can be costly in terms of dollars spent, project timelines and sadly, final outcomes.

But there’s a better way: Design Build firms put the architectural design work and the actual construction of the renovation in the hands of one firm.

A Design Build firm offers homeowners numerous benefits, all of which you should consider before starting your next home renovation project.

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Design Build Firms Provide Accurate Project Bidding & Estimates

The one-stop combined design and construction team used in Design Build firms equals more accurate bidding and project estimates.

A recent study showed project cost growth in a Design Build project was 5.2% lower than the cost growth in projects with separate entities handling design and construction.

The same study also showed final project costs were on average 6.1% lower with Design Build projects and delivery speed was 33.5% faster.

Design Build Improves Accountability

With one firm handling the full renovation project, all accountability on the project rests with the Design Build team.

This takes the homeowner – you – out of the middle and puts you in the role of client rather than project coordinator.

Combined Expertise Helps Catch The Little Things

Working with a Design Build firm means you are working with a team of experienced professionals who have successfully handled numerous projects from inception to completion in the past.

Their expertise means small details are less likely to be overlooked and unfortunate surprises are much less common.

Complete The Project On Schedule

Design Build firms offer you more than experienced designers and construction personnel; they also include experts in project management who know how to schedule a project efficiently and stick to a timeline.

This means not having to wait two weeks for a plumber or an extra week for an electrician; these tradesmen are part of the team and have had your project on their schedule before the first nail was driven.

Also, Design Build firms include experienced procurement staff who have a thorough knowledge of material costs, availability, sourcing and most important, quality.

This means your project is highly unlikely to be delayed due to setbacks in securing drywall, flooring, fixtures, or other materials. These behind-the-scenes experts focus on keeping your project moving on schedule and on budget.

Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork

A Design Build firm brings a team of experienced professionals together on behalf of the homeowner.

This experience extends beyond their technical knowledge and abilities; it also means they have worked with each other on countless projects.

They know each other’s strengths, they are aware of each other’s experience and they know how to work efficiently together. Your project is unique, but as a team, it is definitely not their first rodeo.

Improved Communication & Coordination

Using a Design Build firm gives homeowners a single point-of-contact throughout all phases of their renovation project.

This allows the homeowner to be easily involved in the project, promoting a shared vision for the renovation from start to finish.

Having a single point-of-contact also means homeowners are better able to understand the process, why things are being done a certain way, how the work is progressing and much more.

A Final Product You Will Love

Finally, a Design Build firm will “own” your renovation project, as if it were theirs – and the homeowner’s – from concept to completion.

The Design Build firm will have a keen interest in fully understanding the project objectives and ensuring the result is something you love. They will invest the time and energy to create a shared vision that is the foundation of an exceptional renovation.

Agape Construction: Your St. Louis Design Build Firm

Agape Construction has built its reputation on the Design Build approach, delivering high-quality results to homeowners with a wide range of home renovation projects.

We offer you a fully integrated Design Build team, including experienced licensed architects and an engineer, highly experienced project managers, Interior designers and talented craftsmen all dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to learn how we can help get your dream project off the ground.

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