Family Room Addition Must-Haves In The Era Of Social Distancing

Nov 17, 2020 | Remodel

In the era of social distancing and COVID-19, it’s important that you have a large family room to accommodate your family’s work-from-home and virtual school environment.

Additionally, as winter fast approaches, it’s sad to think our social circle will get smaller as outdoor gatherings will no longer be desirable.

One of our past family room additions may address all of these problems – an indoor/outdoor living room combo.

This will help allow for ventilation and provide a space for mindful socially distant gatherings year-round!

Neo Traditional Kitchen

A Four-Seasons Living Space

Before Agape’s work, this stately, classic brick home had almost everything needed for entertaining friends and family: It even featured an outdoor brick fireplace tucked under a vaulted roof in the rear of the house.

But homeowners Mary and Craig Kennedy wanted a Four-Seasons Room that they could take advantage of year-round, regardless of the unpredictable St. Louis weather.

They enlisted the help of Agape to realize their vision.

Heated Floors

Living Wall for Rear Family Room Space

Architect Laurie Smith began by proposing that the original rear porch be enclosed by an elegant brick-wall addition with giant windows to allow for spectacular views of the surrounding backyard.

She also suggested that the new space feature a “living wall” that could be opened whenever needed to allow full access to the outdoors.

The solution was to utilize a dynamic new Nana Door System by Weiland that consists of five gigantic eight-foot-tall doors that fold across the rear.

The addition was furnished with comfy couches, fireplace, and television, all safe from the outdoors.

“I enjoyed the opportunity to design this space that truly brings the outside in, and the inside out.”- Laurie Smith, Architect

To protect from the natural elements while still inviting the natural breeze, a motorized screen can now be lowered to cover the entire rear opening with the push of a button.

To hide the motor and components necessary to the screen, Laurie also designed a detailed wooden header that blends in seamlessly.

Heated Floors
Heated Floors

Cozy Brick Walls and Fireplace

Across the sides, French doors and casement windows continue the traditional theme of the original home.

Above now rests an eye-catching 10-foot-tall ceiling framed with heavy white painted beams and inset stained wood paneling.

The owners sought to draw inspiration from their favorite restaurant, using randomly inlaid historical antique bricks to provide Old World charm.

The concrete floor provides a crisp modern look that is easy to clean and maintain. The space is furnished with comfy couches, a full fireplace, television, and a large hand-crafted wooden family table built by a local artisan.

Due to architectural constraints, the new space could not be heated or cooled by the same system that services the rest of the house.

The solution was to add a Mini-Split HVAC unit that is barely noticeable and packs a major punch despite its small size.

Heated Floors
Heated Floors

Year-Round Outdoor Cooking & Dining Space

Just outside, a small overhang extends over the barbecue area with built-in grill and honed granite top.

The Kennedys’ home now boasts a space that invites the outside in while extending their living space into their beautifully landscaped yard.

Satisfied Clients With Agape

Mary Kennedy is thrilled with her indoor-outdoor living space.

“We love the new patio room, it looks amazing. We enjoy the huge folding door system and its light feel. It works great when we host parties and holidays with family!”

Agape Can Help You Create The Space Of Your Dreams

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