Four Steps To A Successful Home Remodeling Project

Apr 22, 2021 | Remodel

The idea of a home remodel can be exciting – we all love the prospect of improving our living space. Yet, remodeling is often a complex, lengthy and expensive project to undertake.

A home remodeling project can be done in a way that maximizes the positives and minimizes the negatives. Like any large undertaking, planning is the key to a successful home remodel. To make it more manageable, it is best to break the project down into steps.

Typically, most such projects can be broken down into four simple, straightforward steps.

home remodelhome remodel

Recognize Your Needs & Develop A Home Remodel Plan

You and your family understands what you want from your remodeling project, better than anyone else. You already know what your home’s shortcomings are and the improvements you want to see. It helps to do a walkthrough and think this over, take the time to understand your needs and set goals.

Understand What Budget You Are Comfortable With For The Project

This step is extremely important.  Take time to discuss with your partner and family how much you’re comfortably willing to spend, and do some research on what the services involved may cost. Possibly take time to seek out a loan or financial advice – especially if it’s a larger undertaking.

Decide Who is Going to Manage Your Home Remodel: You Or A Design & Build Firm?

Remodeling projects require a ton of coordination. One of your first steps before construction begins is deciding how the project management will work.

While some homeowners prefer to take that responsibility themselves, it is often best left to the professionals.

You Manage the Project

Managing your project means you are taking on the role of project manager, hiring each of the individual professionals and craftspeople to complete the project and then coordinating all of their work.

“Coordinating” means setting the project calendar and dealing with the logistics of who is working on the project at a given time and considering what space and materials they will need.

This can quickly become an overwhelming responsibility since you will be required to handle any issues that arise on top of your daily routine.

A Design & Build Company Manages The Project

Reduce your headaches, compress your project timeline and reduce project cost by working with a Design & Build Company – such as Agape Construction.

Not only do Design & Build Firms handle all of the project management, they also offer a team of professionals who have experience working together. This can shorten timelines, reduce costs and achieve a better end result.

They also save you time and the effort involved with getting estimates from each professional, checking references, making certain each is adequately insured, etc. Their Architect and Engineer will listen to you view and evaluate your home while factoring in your city’s zoning regulations.

These professionals will develop blueprints and preliminary sketches of your project, giving you a clear idea as to what your finished project will look like. They can shape your vision and give you a rough idea as to timelines.

Committing, Clearing the Space & Staying Involved

Now comes the fun part:  giving your final approval to everyone involved in the project (yes, this will involve reviewing and signing contracts as well as paying a deposit or deposits). You will also need to clear the rooms that will be remodeled, making space for workers.

Your involvement does not end once the hammers start swinging and the saws start shrieking; The best remodeling professionals will want you involved as the project progresses. They will likely have questions about small details or want to make you aware of issues that may affect the project’s timeline or cost.

Agape Construction greatly values homeowner involvement throughout all phases of a remodeling project, seeing that involvement and input as vital to achieving a homeowner’s vision.

Call Agape Today To Discuss Your Home Remodel

Agape Construction can turn your home into the home of your dreams. We have more than 35 years of experience on projects throughout the St. Louis area. We are a Design & Build company offering you all of the professionals, including Architects & Engineers, and services you’ll need to plan and execute your remodeling project while bringing your vision to reality.

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