Get Ready for the Holiday Season With A New Fireplace

Aug 27, 2021 | Remodel


Fall, Winter and the overall Holiday season are each getting closer by the day. The leaves will turn, cool weather will replace the warm days of summer and not long after, the frigid temperatures, snow and ice of a St. Louis winter will be upon us.

Soon, we can look forward to the Holidays with long-overdue family gatherings and celebrations, assuming hopefully that Covid restrictions wane.

Time To Warm Up By The Fireplace

A fireplace can be a key design element to your entire home. Few features in a home can have the presence and power of a well-designed fireplace. A thoughtfully designed fireplace can dominate a room, becoming a focal point and serving as a gathering spot for family, friends, or guests.

Don’t Overlook The Opportunity To Change Your Fireplace

 Too many homeowners fail to realize that just as a room can be remodeled and given a new look, so too can a fireplace.

For many,  a fireplace seems to be an integral, nearly impossible to change feature in their home, with the only option for change being a coat of paint on its brickwork.

In reality, there are endless options for changing the look of a fireplace. Adding a facade of stone or, brick, mixes of simulated plaster and woods are just a few of the new looks that can transform your fireplace. A new mantle or hearth can also dramatically increase the visual appeal of your fireplace.

Finally, this is also a great opportunity to incorporate a natural gas system into your fireplace, which can make lighting those logs much easier than using fire starters, newspaper and matches.


Complementary Design Is Key


As a fireplace can be the dominant, powerful visual feature of a room. It’s important to consider the entire room in which it is located.

Greatly increasing the size of a fireplace can be a great idea in a large room but doing so in a small room can overpower the space and eliminate what would have been the opportunity to create a smaller, more intimate look and feel.

The design, materials and colors of the fireplace and room should also be given careful consideration before a remodeling or replacement of a fireplace.

Working with an accomplished interior designer can not only give you fresh, new ideas for the fireplace, involving an interior designer will also ensure the fireplace and the room itself work together to create a cohesive look and feel that will meet YOUR goals.

Fireplace Safety Matters

An added bonus to replacing or renovating a fireplace is knowing that your new or updated fireplace incorporates the most current design components and materials, which translates to a safer, more functional fireplace.  

Experienced professionals keep up to date on not only the latest trends in design and materials, but also on enhanced safety features.

Agape Construction Is Here To Help!

If you’d like to replace or update your fireplace, the design and construction professionals of Agape Construction are here to help.

We’ll work with you to develop a selection of options that will transform your fireplace and the room it’s in, into a striking and functional element of your home.

Our designers will learn your objectives, develop solutions and show you options using our state-of-the-art Design Center. They will create 3D renderings of your fireplace and the room it’s in, while giving you ready access to a full selection of material samples,  to give you a new look that meets or exceeds your vision.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to transform your fireplace and living space.

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