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Address : 435 East Clinton Place, Kirkwood, MO 63122
Office Hours: Monday – Friday: 8am – 4:30pm

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Handyman Contract
Terms of Agreement

Explanation of Rates:

Weekday Rate, 7:00am – 5:00pm

$99.00 per hour per technician then billed to the next quarter hour.

Minimum charge of $150.00 per service call.


Scheduling Policy:

Scheduling of Handyman services are based on the project length and date in which the contract was received. Project length is to be a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum project length of 8 hours. Any projects requiring more than 8 hours to complete will require setting a second appointment (subject to availability). Full Payment is due at the end of each appointment.

Appointments are scheduled based on our understanding of the Customer Project description / List. Our Handyman will assess the project scope with you prior to starting. Any change in scope will be discussed with the Customer and approved upon prior to the start of work.

The Customer must be home at the start and completion of the appointment and able to be reached by phone for approvals during the course of the appointment.

Trash Removal:

Trash generated by the appointment will be bagged and left onsite. Larger items will be neatly stacked on the property as directed by the Owner. If you wish to have the trash removed from the property, we will provide you with an estimate based on the amount to be removed.


Paint or stain matches can be done, but are as close as possible and may not be a “Perfect” match.


$99.00 per service call then billed to the next quarter hour. (weekdays 7am -5pm) Hourly rate is included when gathering material, ordering material, store pick up, product research / pricing, client communication, etc.

Material / Subcontractor Fees are billed as cost plus 40% (fees, supervision, overhead & profit).

Mileage Fee: $1.00 per mile for work outside a 15 mile radius of 63122 zip code and for each mile to and from the store for materials required.

Rental Fees (warehouse stocked): Jack hammer, Pressure washer, generators and other provided construction equipment carry rental fees of $100.00 per day and $75.00 per ½ day. (Minimum of half day rental).

Rental Fees: (non-warehouse stocked) is subject to the material billing above.

Accepted payment: Credit Card or ACH available through electronic invoicing.

Failure to Pay:

If Owner or Owners Agent fails to make any payment due, Contractor may pursue legal redress against Owner for damages. Payments are due upon receipt of Invoice. A 3% per month service charge will be made on any balance not paid within 30 days of receipt of Invoice. In the event Owner fails to perform all their obligations hereunder (including but not limited to failure to make payments when due), Owner shall be liable for all reasonable costs, charges, expenses, collection costs and attorney’s fees thereby incurred by Contractor due to Owner’s failure to perform obligations.

Rescheduling / Cancellation Policy:

If For any reason we are unable to make our scheduled appointment, you will be notified by text as soon as possible and rescheduled for the next available appointment.

A cancellation of your appointment must be made with-in 48 hours of your appointment. Missed appointments (we arrived on site) will incur a charge of $99.00.


It is the Owner’s responsibility to carry Home Owner’s insurance to insure building, building materials and all work in progress against theft, vandalism and all damage caused by fire and Acts of God. Agape Construction is providing general liability insurance and workmen’s compensation insurance for its employees.


Contractor provides a limited warranty on all Contractor and Subcontractor supplied labor and materials used in this project for a period of one year following substantial completion of work. Our Warranty excludes naturally curing products such as caulk, grout and concrete and All products that are supplied by the Owner or the Owners agent. Manufacturer warranties apply to all supplied materials as applicable.

Owner Provided Materials:

In the event that the Owner chooses to provide a product directly to the Contractor, rather than have Contractor provide the product or material, Owner takes full responsibility for the warranty of such product.


  1. If product is not shipped on time, or is not on site when it is needed, Owner agrees to pay additional “trip charges” to cover Contractor expenses as needed to return and install said product.
  2. If product does not have all parts included, Owner agrees to pay an hourly rate to the Contractor to find, order, and pick up required pieces. Rate will be at standard retail rate charged by the Contractor, or Subcontractor.
  3. Upon the arrival of the product, Owner will document condition of product, and store in a safe place until Contractor is ready for installation. Damage that occurs to the product before it is needed shall not be the liability of the Contractor.
  4. Should the product fail in the first year of use, Owner will be required to hire a contractor to evaluate product, and if desired remove the product for shipping back to the supplier. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the Owner. The Owner also pays for reinstallation of product.
  5. Owner will also provide any cut sheets or documents needed by Contractor for planning and installation purposes. If documents are incorrect or inaccurate, Owner to be responsible for rectifying. (This includes materials and labor for other materials affected by the error e.g. granite)

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