Interior Design Styles

Aug 1, 2023 | Agape

Interior Design Styles

Do you love your home, but are unsure how to decorate it? Do you know what your favorite style of interior design is? There are many different styles when it comes to interior design. Many styles come and go in and out of favor. Today we are going to look at a few design styles of the past that are enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Perhaps one of these will resonate with you!


Traditional interior design is largely based on European styles from the 1700 – 1800’s. Many Americans grew up in a home that featured Traditional design and find it very comforting. Traditional design aims to be timeless and comfortable. It is set up to be familiar, functional, and family friendly. Classic elements such as crown molding and wainscoting are often used with traditional finishes on hardwood floors. Furniture is often a reproduction of English or French 18th – 19th century pieces. Antiques from the era work beautifully in Traditional design. Furniture placement should be symmetrical and leave you feeling harmonious. A Traditional living room focuses on providing a comfortable backdrop for family living. Traditional design uses mostly neutrals with an occasional pop of color.
Traditional Interior Design

Example of Traditional Interior Design

Art Deco

Art Deco design was made popular in the roaring 20’s, but it is making a comeback! Elegant and functional, Art Deco emphasized modernity and machines. The themes and patterns of art deco symbolized technological progress. The look is bold and symmetrical, featuring patterns of trapezoids, zigzags, or triangles.  Other bold images found in Art Deco include sunbursts, animal prints and jagged edges inspired by skyscrapers.  Art Deco uses upscale fabrics on upholstery juxtaposed against metallic accessories.  Colors often used in Art Deco include black, white, silver and gold along with bright yellow, green, blue, pink, and purple.  Art Deco is opulent and bold!  Today one might do an entire room in Art Deco, or simply add a few bold Art Deco elements to a room.

Art Deco Room

Example of Art Deco Interior Design

Mid Century Modern

Mid Century Modern design became popular in the mid-20th century and remains quite popular today.  Unlike its predecessor, Art Deco, Mid Century Modern design is simplistic – focusing on clean lines and functionality.  Mid Century furniture is often wooden – original pieces are often made from teak for its rich color and durability.  Other popular woods include Oak and Rosewood.  Furnishings are typically curved in shape with simple geometric lines and are highly functional.  When designing a Mid Century Modern room, showcase the rich woods, but feel free to add bright pops of color!  Popular Mid Century Modern colors include teal, pink, lime, pale blue, or light yellow juxtaposed against bolder colors such as olive, mustard yellow, burnt orange or brown.

Mid Century Modern Design

Example of Mid Century Modern Interior Design


Scandinavian design is elegantly minimalistic, combining beauty and function.  Think simple lines, light spaces, and no clutter.  It makes sense as harsh climates of Northern Europe long influenced Scandinavians to prefer utility over decoration.  Scandinavian design incorporates modern furniture and minimal decor.  It uses neutral colors and monochromes such as tan, white, and black with pops of colors you find in nature such as sage, gray, or blue.  Materials are organic and natural, often consisting of wood, wool, and stone.  You can create a Scandinavian design in an existing room using furniture, textiles, and lighting!  Strip back the clutter to the essentials and aim for a peaceful, calming space. 

Scandinavian Interior Design

Example of Scandinavian Interior Design

Perhaps one of these interior design styles speaks to you?  If not, don’t worry!  There are many more styles to choose from.  Agape’s talented team of interior designers can help you discover your favorite style and create the perfect room to suit your design tastes!  You do not need to remodel your home with Agape to use our interior design service and give your room a facelift!  We can take on any interior design project, big or small.  With the help of Agape’s Interior Design team, you will never want to leave your beautiful home, be it decorated in the comfortable Traditional, bold Art Deco or streamlined Mid Century Modern or Scandinavian style!

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