Redefine The Feel Of Your Home With Updated Doors

Dec 12, 2021 | Remodel

updated doors

When it comes to updating a home’s look to a modern aesthetic, many people immediately think about paint, flooring, furniture and décor.

Often, homeowners overlook the tremendous impact that doors can have on a home’s look and functionality.

Open the Door to New Possibilities

Some homeowners might consider replacing original, flat panel doors with white six-panel doors. Sure, the look is something of an upgrade but going this route can be commonplace and may mean missing out on other options.

For example, you may want to consider a pocket door to add functionality. Since these dynamic doors slide into the wall, they require no “swing space” which can make room for additional storage or décor near the door.

They are especially handy for bathrooms and other small rooms that are already limited on space.

Master bedroom doors could be replaced with large double doors or French doors. These create a much more expansive, open feel and can add a touch of elegance to a bedroom.

Another potential use for French doors is for openings between dining rooms and living rooms.

These doors can be beautifully designed and crafted, giving both rooms a feeling of elegance while from a functional standpoint, separating and defining the two rooms.

When the doors are open, the adjoined rooms gain an expansive feel. The result can be increased function, added beauty and an upgraded feel to the home.

For a newer, “in-style” look, consider adding rustic “barn doors” as closet doors or even dividers between rooms. These doors add tremendous visual interest to any room and have a unique presence in any setting.

From a design and decor standpoint, they also work perfectly with the “Farmhouse” style furniture that has recently become increasingly popular. Like many doors though, they must be installed properly to function safely and smoothly.

Louvered bi-fold doors give a closet a more visually interesting look and can do much to increase access to a closet, when compared to traditional hanging slider doors.

Also Consider Updated Exterior Doors

Exterior doors can also do wonders when it comes to dressing up or changing the look of a home from the street. New designs abound and homeowners have countless options from which to choose.

As with interior doors, the recent popularity of the Farmhouse or Antique style has led to manufacturers creating designs incorporating rustic woods, more rugged-looking design and traditional glass in their doors.

Double doors will always be in style and add a substantial feel – inside and outside – to a home’s front entrance.

Manufacturers of sliding patio/deck doors are also offering scores of options, including sliders with internal mini blinds. Many homeowners are replacing their traditional sliding glass doors with French doors.

Doing Updated Doors Right

With so many options – for both interior and exterior doors – from which to choose, homeowners should think carefully about their objectives, both in terms of form and function.

Agape offers homeowners expert interior designers who can assess your needs and help you find the perfect doors for your home.

Our experienced craftsmen will ensure every installation is executed perfectly, so your new doors will operate properly and safely for years to come.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation that will “open the door” to a fresh look for your home!

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