Refresh Your Home with An Interior Design Makeover

Aug 27, 2021 | Remodel

Updating your home doesn’t necessarily mean a large-scale renovation or remodeling.

Your home could be working well for you and your family, but maybe it’s lacking in the looks department. Do you feel it’s in need of a makeover or updated look? If so, consider working with a professional Interior Designer to refresh the look and feel of your home.

What’s The Interior Design Problem?

You may look at every room in your home and shake your head. Or it may be that your kitchen or family room looks worn or out of date. Take a long, hard look at your home to determine which rooms are would benefit the most by being refreshed.

It’s also a good idea to decide what elements of the “problem room” are the source of your dissatisfaction. We also proudly offer interior designer services in Chesterfield, MO and the St. Louis metro!

It’s Not Always Easy

The “look” of a room can be determined by several elements. The paint color choice could be from a long out-of-favor palette or the wallpaper could be dated or faded.

Carpet doesn’t have to be shag carpet from the late 1970’s to look out of style, it can merely be worn. Wood flooring can also be worn or just have a “blah” finish.

Your current window treatments and doors may be plain, bringing no visual appeal to the room. In addition, furniture that is out of date, worn, or mismatched to the room’s paint, wallpaper, flooring or window treatments will not “work” for a room.

Molding and trim, windows, built-in shelving, doors, lighting are among the elements which are variables in the formula for determining whether a room’s look is interesting, pleasing and cohesive.

An Interior Design Refresh Can Be Scaled To Your Budget

The good news is that interior design makeovers can be as small or large as the homeowner would like, and therefore can be scaled to work effectively with nearly any budget.

You may want a complete makeover of every room in your home, or a basic refreshing of just one room. What is your focus?

While budget certainly plays a role in interior design, making smart decisions that fit your specific goals will be the key to your success.

Of course, not everyone has a keen eye or the creative vision required to make design decisions that meet your goals and stay within your budget.

Let Agape’s Experienced Interior Designers Guide You

Agape Construction’s Interior Designers offer the expertise and experience homeowners need to identify problem rooms or design elements and develop options that will transform any room.

They’ll hold detailed discussions with you about each room’s function and aesthetics, then develop solutions capable of creating a stunning transformation.

To make this easier, Agape offers clients a brand new, fully-equipped Design Center Showroom featuring samples of flooring, tile, cabinetry, hardware, fabrics and other design elements that can transform a home.

Our designers also create detailed 3D renderings to help clients visualize room layouts, cabinet designs, material choices, flooring, windows and more.

After working with Agape’s professional and experienced Interior Designers, you’ll know exactly what to expect, and be confident that you are getting the makeover of your dreams.

Contact Agape Construction today for a complimentary consultation and learn how we can help update your home’s look and feel.

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