A Successful Home Improvement Project Starts with YOU

Jul 29, 2021 | Agape

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While every home improvement or remodeling project is unique, each one shares one thing: bringing the homeowner’s vision to life. Period.

That may sound simple, but it involves unique skills. The first and most important skill is listening.

At Agape Construction, our team starts each project by listening – carefully – to our clients. We listen, we ask questions and we do everything possible to ensure we completely understand our client’s vision.

We’re a design/build construction company. This means we offer the services of an architect, engineer, designer, construction managers and specialists in all phases of construction. Our clients contact us and never have to search out, interview, hire and coordinate with other companies. We do it all.

Getting Home Improvement Right

Our clients are involved every step of the way, but without a doubt the most important phase of any project is working with clients to establish a vision and goals for their project.

And these goals go well beyond what the end result will look like and how it will function. Scheduling, budgeting, materials and more are all key considerations when planning a project.

After all, a project that is otherwise precisely what a client wanted is less than a success if it goes over budget or if it takes three months extra to complete.

Communication is a Constant

A major advantage to working with a design/build firm is that effective communication is much easier to achieve. Homeowners working with Agape can expect regular communication, and input on their project.

When unexpected issues arise, Agape clients are contacted immediately, advised about the issue and presented with options for dealing with the problems. This is especially important because each client has unique priorities when it comes to executing their project.

Some may be committed to an exact budget, others may view certain elements of their project as non-negotiable, while still others may value having the opportunity to make changes “on the fly” as a project progresses and inspires new ideas.

Regardless, as a design/build firm Agape Construction’s professionals are committed to communicating effectively with our clients.

Coordination is Key

At Agape Construction, communication and coordination work hand-in-hand. We not only communicate effectively with clients, but as we are a design/build firm with all of our professionals working together “under one roof,” communication within our teams is a constant.

This means our architect, engineer, designer, project managers and construction professionals communicate effectively from the start to the finish of each project.

As a result, they are prepared to handle challenges brought about by materials shortages, delivery issues, weather delays and other factors. By doing so, they eliminate or minimize impacts on budgets and scheduling, while maintaining a tight focus on bringing the client’s vision to reality.

Agape Construction is an Experienced St. Louis Design-Build Firm

Agape Construction has built its reputation on the design-build approach, delivering high-quality results to homeowners with a wide range of home renovation projects.

We offer you a fully-integrated design-build team including an experienced, licensed architect and engineer, highly experienced project managers and talented craftsmen all dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

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