Stairway to a Heavenly Addition

Oct 1, 2014 | Garage, Job Profile, Second-Story Addition, Whole Remodel

Two Webster Groves homeowners really wanted a new master suite added to their mid-century modern brick ranch. Built-in 1942, the house sported classic features, so making any addition blend into the existing architecture was definitely a priority.

The homeowners also had a terrific, large, open backyard they were reluctant to give up in pursuit of their dream addition. So they called Agape Construction for a solution, delighted to find one of Agape’s many specialties is second-story additions!

Agape and the homeowners considered two choices as to where the addition should go. The first was to build over the right side of the house, but it made the house look unbalanced. The second option, the one chosen, was to build over the left side of the home and raise the chimney seven feet, thus providing enough space for the many rooms being added and also giving aesthetic balance. Matching the pitch of the hip roofs and stepping back the addition in two places, also made the new construction blend seamlessly into the old.

The charming unique features of the home’s exterior were also repeated, wherever possible, in the new four-pane windows and detailed corner window paneling.

Any construction work done while homeowners are occupying their house is disruptive, but Agape always strives to minimize the inconvenience to its clients and come up with creative solutions to accomplish that. In the remodel, Agape built a temporary staircase to the second floor for craftsmen to use, instead of traipsing through the couple’s living areas, which worked well for everyone.

Since the homeowners enjoyed their yard so much, they also decided to convert their old screen porch to a new windowed porch that opens to the property. Perfect for family gatherings, entertaining and dining al fresco, the new porch adds to their enjoyment of the beautiful yard.

By the end of the project, which was completed in four months (two weeks ahead of schedule!), the homeowners had 796 sq. ft. of additional space on the second floor. The new master bedroom suite includes a spacious bath, walk-in closet and library. Their homes’ overall square footage increased from 1,598 to 2,394.

The residence is currently nominated for a Webster Groves Award of Excellence. The homeowners were so pleased with the new addition that they just hired Agape to come back and work on their garage!

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