Three Unique Styles To Consider For Your Kitchen Remodel

Oct 21, 2020 | Kitchen, Remodel, Whole Remodel

As you read in our previous blog, one of the first steps to designing your Kitchen Remodel is selecting the style you would like for your fixtures and décor. Kitchens no longer just serve as a functional room; they have become the central gathering places for families and friends.

At Agape, our Interior Designers love opportunities to experiment with more modern styles than the traditional ones you see everywhere. Here we will cover some of the most common (and trendy) kitchen styles, including the elements each include.

It is very important to keep in mind the type of layout and workflow that fit best with each of these styles as you assess which is best for you and your family’s dream kitchen.

Neo Traditionalism

This is contemporary style that barrows from the past, harmoniously uniting the old with the new.  This look can be achieved by using more traditional style cabinetry, vintage lighting and accents while juxtaposing them with more contemporary elements such as slab countertops and backsplashes.

Neo Traditional Kitchen

Mixed metals – Stainless Steel and Gold finishes with Simple Shaker style cabinets. Pop of pattern on the Island.

Kitchen Remodel

Farmhouse sink with simple Subway Tile.  Wood shelving for a nice contrast to the painted gray cabinets. Another great use of mixed metals.

Kitchen Renovation

Classic Vintage Elements of original home seamlessly blended with Modern Cabinets & Appliances.

Sophisticated Kitchen Design

This style definitely looks out more for Function over Form.  With this in mind, people are moving to open space for storage instead of all closed cabinetry. Appliances are higher end and multifunctional. Everyday electronics are also given ample space.

Open Shelving with Quartz countertops and Dramatic Backsplash.

Another example of Open Shelves, Clean Sleek Lines, Contemporary lighting accents.

Great Economic Use of Small Space for Technology Area.

Modern Kitchen Design

Features clean flat surfaces and little or no ornamentation.  These layouts thrive in their simple and clean lines. The color palette is generally monochromatic, accented with dramatic and intentional pops of color.

Modern sleek lines, Monochromatic, Great use of Flat Surfaces, No distracting ornamentation.

Intentional Choice of White Furniture. Framed Ceiling guides the eye upward and creates illusion of height.

Choose A Kitchen Remodel Builder With An Eye For Style

It is important when designing your Dream Kitchen remodel that you work with a Builder or Architect who has the in-house know-how to accomplish your desired style.

That is why working with a Design-Build firm like Agape helps – we have Architects, Designers and Builders ready to work with you. Together we can help ease the process of communicating critical details amongst different members of the build team on your behalf.

Call Agape at 314-798-7709 or fill out an online contact form to schedule a Complimentary Kitchen Design Consultation and start the exciting process of creating your dream kitchen today!

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