Trends in Outdoor Living Spaces

Jan 13, 2023 | Outdoor Living Space

Trends in Outdoor Living Spaces

When Covid hit, it turned our lives upside down.  The way we live day to day changed practically overnight.  With people spending the majority of their time at home, they began to look at their homes differently.  Consequently, what people really wanted in and out of their home transitioned.  As such, we have seen several new home trends become popular since 2020.  People want to get as much use out of their home as possible – including their outdoor space.  During Covid, travel and vacations basically ceased, and people craved that outdoor tranquility.  We saw a large demand to bring that luxury, vacation experience home, in the backyard, where it is safe and convenient.

Here we are three years later and the desire for a beautiful, multi-functional outdoor space is here to stay!  Let’s look at some of the hottest trends in outdoor living.

Gone are the days of American families being content with an open, green backyard.  For some time now, newer homes have been constructed on smaller lots.  Regardless, if your home sits on an acre, or if you have a small, manageable sized lot, one desire is consistent – we want our outdoor space to work for us, serving multiple purposes.  We want to relax, entertain, cook, and dine in our outdoor living areas.  It is important to create a space that serves multiple functions that is a great fit for your family’s interests.

outdoor livingroom

Outdoor Living Room

An outdoor living room is very popular right now.  It may include a covered open-air patio, a 3 Seasons Room, or a fully enclosed porch.  The key is to bring the indoors outside.  Add elements to the room that will keep it comfortable throughout the year such as a gas fireplace, heaters, a ceiling fan or air conditioner.  Your furniture should be able to withstand the weather, but also be comfortable and inviting.  Sectionals that can be re-arranged into customizable assortments are popular.  Don’t forget to bring technology outside with you!  Wire your outdoor living room for your flat screen and speakers so you can enjoy the big game, movie night or entertain to your favorite musical artist.  If you have the space, consider adding a weatherproof dining set so you can comfortably lounge, eat and entertain in your outdoor room!  Perhaps you work from home and want an outdoor space in which to work.  Choose a table and chair that you can comfortably work from and be sure to have an outlet nearby to keep your devices charged.

outdoor livingroom

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are also very popular.  People want an outdoor kitchen that, again, brings the indoors out.  Features may include a beverage fridge, sink, burners, built in grill, even a dishwasher!  Less permanent options that are popular include pizza ovens, rolling bar carts and firepits.

Outdoor kitchen

Water Feature

Add a water feature to get that touch of luxury right at home.  An in-ground pool is a classic choice.  For those who don’t have the space for a pool, swim spas and hot tubs are a popular option.

In ground pool with pool house

When planning your outdoor space, make sure it fits your family’s lifestyle.  It should serve multiple functions and bring the indoors outside.  Make it as comfortable as possible and create a smooth transition from the indoors to the outdoor space. 

Agape Construction specializes in creating your outdoor oasis.  Regardless of how much outdoor space you may have, we can help you make the most of it with a creative design that fits your family’s needs.  Contact Agape Construction today to begin creating your ideal outdoor living area!

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