Need More Entertaining Space? An Outdoor Room Addition May Be The Solution

May 11, 2021 | Outdoor Living Space

When it comes to living space, there are few substitutes for square footage. The past year has brought new challenges that can often only be solved with new, revamped or additional space.

Many of us have had to adapt to working remotely from home for more than a year. Accommodating extended family and entertaining has become difficult with the need for social distancing.

No one has a crystal ball, but many of these challenges may be lasting or even permanent. Global Workplace Analytics estimates between 25 and 30 percent of the U.S. workforce will permanently work from home by the end of 2021, and a recent study showed the demand for office space across the U.S. dropped by 61 percent in the past year.

Temporarily working from home at a makeshift desk in the corner of the living room is increasingly becoming a permanent arrangement. The end of the age of social distancing may not be as close at hand as people think: Many have become increasingly germophobic.

Buying a larger home may not be the answer as real estate prices have gone through the roof in the past year while homes for sale are being purchased as soon as they hit the market.

There is another option.


Outdoor Rooms: A Creative Option

outdoor room

The design of many homes may not be conducive to remodeling with a large addition. Cost may be a consideration. However, an outdoor “four seasons” room can be an effective solution that blends practicality with architectural creativity and versatility.

Typically, outdoor rooms replace an existing deck, porch or patio. These rooms are heated and cooled, making them comfortable year-round. Agape Construction has Designed and Built a number of outdoor rooms in the St. Louis area, developing custom designs which meet each homeowner’s needs and architectural preferences.

These rooms often feature large, almost floor-to-ceiling windows, remote activated ”living walls” which can be opened at the touch of a button to allow full access to the outdoors, and integrated decks or patios with fire pits, grills or hot tubs. They are designed to offer maximum usable space and the flexibility to use them as living rooms, entertaining areas or even family rooms with space dedicated for office use.

Outdoor rooms incorporate numerous features, materials, and design and construction methods unlike those used in traditional rooms. Architects and designers with experience in outdoor room projects are familiar with those differences and are adept at creating rooms that work well with the existing home.


Keys to Success in Designing and Building an Outdoor Room

outdoor room

A truly useful outdoor room that will make your home more livable and increase its value is more than just closing in a deck or patio.

At the same time, there is no “best” outdoor room. The best room is the one that meets all your needs. Each homeowner has unique needs and priorities; addressing each of those is crucial.

It is important to understand the value of working with a Design and Build firm, like Agape Construction. Design and Build companies integrate all elements of a remodeling or construction project:  Architects, designers, engineers and construction specialists.

Clients working with Design and Build construction firms enjoy a number of benefits., These benefits include better project coordination as all professionals work together in the same company; more efficient workflow; shorter project timelines; reduced costs and a greater likelihood of getting precisely the end result they had in mind. Design and Build firms are a one stop shop which not only makes the process more convenient but also saves on Architectural fees.

Design and Build also offer clients easier, more direct involvement in their project from start to finish. Everyone wins.

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