Turning A House You Like Into A Home You Love With A Remodel

Sep 18, 2020 | Agape, Remodel, Whole Remodel

remodelThe past couple of months have been all about staying inside. Following COVID-19 safety protocols, the best place to eat, workout and even navigate your job has been in the privacy of your home.

As we all have made major lifestyle adjustments to keep our friends and family safe over these past few months, you have likely settled into a routine performing most daily activities from the comfort of your home.

However, so much time in your home may have come with unexpected drawbacks as you notice things you hadn’t before: What was once a perfectly cozy den may now feel way too small. Or the formal dining room is actually pretty useless because your family prefers to eat on the couch instead.

This is the perfect time to let professionals remodel a space in your home to maximize your comfort.

As a Design-Build firm, Agape believes the right company can remodel and renovate around your lifestyle to give you a more comfortable living space so you don’t mind being stuck at home.

Remodel Design Process

The process of working with the architecture and design team can take place in person at your home, over video conferences or in-person meetings at our design center.

Agape is able to share their screen to allow for an interactive design meeting with their clients.

The design process can take place now, along with final pricing and the permitting process. This gets the design process complete and we can get you on the schedule for next year

Accommodating Construction Schedules

Even though an in-home renovation can cause stress, the process doesn’t have to be chaotic. The right team will work with your schedule to make sure living in your home during a project is feasible. Making a schedule will help both you and the team you hire to work in unison.

Your project manager will be able to show you a project timeline that will limit the amount of time the construction crew is in your home allowing you to plan around it in advance.

Especially now while many families are working and schooling remote due to COVID closures, the Agape team can work with you.

A client with a home remodel project during COVID said the process was smooth, considerate and flexible – especially when you factor in the unusual circumstances of the past several months.

“The experience we had with their crews over our 5-month project exceeded expectations. Problems during the project were addressed and not worked around, and the people were very friendly and accommodating to my dog and 3 young kids who would wander into the work zone on a regular basis (we did this in the middle of COVID). Agape will for sure be my first call on any project from here on.”

Keep Your Eye On The Prize: The Final Product

The final product will be worth any stress that is caused by a renovation project. Staying in your home during a remodel or renovation project can help with timing, expenses and communication.

And if you have other maintenance or home improvement needs that pop up later, Agape can help with our handyman and repair services!

You deserve to be happy with the final product, and we firmly believe  many renovations shouldn’t require you to uproot your life.

If you are looking for the right team to hire for a home renovation project, reach out to the talented designers and builders of Agape Construction today for a free consultation.

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