New Kitchen Trends in 2023

Oct 27, 2022 | Kitchen

New Kitchen Trends on the Horizon


Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and at Agape, we understand that you want your kitchen to be fun, functional and absolutely gorgeous! We are excited to see some beautiful new kitchen trends on the horizon for 2023 that are sure to make you happy!  Although the white kitchen is a classic design that will never go out of style, these new elements can provide exciting, long-lasting elegance!

What can we look forward to seeing on the horizon in 2023?  Millennials with their purchasing power are driving new colors and materials into the kitchen that incorporates their technological skills and a desire for soothing, natural spaces.


Kitchen Cabinetry


Colored kitchens will continue to be popular, however, we are moving away from grey and toward shades of green.  Sage and mint greens will become more popular, and we will even see some bold greens such as jade!

Also, on the horizon in kitchen cabinetry, is a return to wood stains.  Most popular will be light wood stains – think organic, neutral, calming tones.  Brass hardware in the kitchen is going out and being replaced with matte metals such as brushed nickel.

green kitchen wood cabinetry

Expect to see a nice mix of materials, textures and colors that are calming and reflect nature.  Also popular are touchless faucets, which makes perfect since following a pandemic!




Quartz will continue to dominate as the material of choice for countertops.  Quartz will also be growing in popularity as a choice for a seamless backsplash.

quartz backsplash



Some fun trends on the horizon are smart appliances and clever storage.  Growing in popularity are smart appliances that can be accessed from your phone or tablet.  We are also seeing more specialized appliances such as wine coolers and pizza ovens.  Drink stations and coffee stations are a growing trend.  Many new kitchen designs are cleverly hiding appliances behind cabinetry!

mini appliances



Lighting is growing in importance in kitchens, with LED lighting preferred.  Accent lights and task lights are in high demand.

cabinet lighting
Trends come and go and while new trends are on the horizon, white kitchens are a classic and will probably never go away completely.  At Agape, kitchens are a specialty of ours.  Our talented architects will make the best use of space in your home for a highly functional kitchen.  Our interior designers will hold your hand through the decision-making process so you will absolutely love your new kitchen’s colors and textures.  Our tradesmen deliver high quality work.  You will fall in love with your new kitchen by Agape!

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