Update Your Home with a Custom Kitchen

Oct 26, 2021 | Kitchen

Almost without exception, the kitchen is the nerve center of most homes. It’s where food and beverages are stored, meals are prepared and consumed and where much entertaining happens. “Everyone always ends up in the kitchen” is true.

While they are a basic necessity in any home, Kitchens can also be extremely complex.

No other room in a home addresses the wide range of needs as a kitchen does. An ideal kitchen has extensive and varied storage capabilities, must have room for seating, often for more people than the homeowner’s family, and it must be designed with ergonomics in mind.


Store It All With A Custom Kitchen

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One of the most challenging aspects of a great kitchen design centers around storage. Boxed and canned foods, frozen/chilled foods, plates, silverware, dishes, hand towels and cleaning supplies each need dedicated, organized space.

Selecting the right refrigerator and freezer is just the first step. Pantries can include simple shelving or better, drawers which give users easier access to items deep in the pantry.

Dishes, cookware and utensils also need organized space. Using dedicated, custom-designed drawers and shelving will allow these items to be within easy reach.

Pots and pans are especially challenging due to their size and the fact that they are easy to accumulate.

Putting a creative touch on how to approach a kitchen redesign can yield excellent results. Cabinetry either designed specifically for a particular kitchen or finding well-fitting ready-to-install units goes a long way to utilizing kitchen space efficiently.


Ergonomics Matter

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First and foremost, a kitchen is a workspace and highly functional workspaces involve thoughtful ergonomics.

For example, putting a dishwasher 15 feet from the silverware drawer and the cabinet in which dishes are stored adds up to a great deal of walking back and forth to unload the dishwasher.

Pots and pans should be stored within easy reach of the stove and oven. Cabinet doors shouldn’t impede opening dishwashers or refrigerators. Meal prep can be a joy in a smartly designed kitchen, or it can be an exercise in wasted motion. A smart custom kitchen designer can make a significant difference.


“Everyone Always Ends Up in the Kitchen”

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Kitchens also become a default area for entertaining, so a kitchen with a well-designed layout, efficient use of space, good flow of traffic and plentiful seating can do much to accommodate a gathering.

Use of islands incorporating bar stools and dining space can offer flexible, usable space ideal for handling a crowd. Understanding the look and feel created by flooring, paint and décor is key.

Experienced Custom Kitchen Design Makes all the Difference

Agape Construction has extensive experience in designing and building or renovating kitchens.

Our architects and designers help our customers visualize design concepts, understand how appliances can be arranged and see how space can be used in various configurations.

The goal is to create the kitchen that meets the client’s needs. Contact us today to discuss your kitchen renovation!

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