Redecorating Or Remodeling Your Home for the Holidays Can Be Extra Special

Sep 30, 2021 | Holiday

The Holidays are right around the corner! Putting some special, extra touches on your home for the coming holiday season doesn’t have to be an immense undertaking. With a little time, some expert direction from the experienced designers in Agape Construction’s Design Center and a reasonable budget, nearly any home can get that “look” for the holiday season.

Our Interior Designers are available to work closely with homeowners who want to invest their time and resources to score big returns with friends and family.

Colorful Impact

One of the most cost-effective décor changes any homeowner can make involves paint. Trendy, hot new colors can dramatically change the look and mood of a room, while long-standing, traditional looks can be a significant departure from a room’s current look.

And few changes brighten a room like a contrasting accent wall, or stenciled borders. Finally, a fresh coat of brilliant white semi-gloss paint on baseboards, door and window frames and crown moldings can have a tremendous effect on a room.


Cast a New Light

Lighting is another often overlooked area of home décor. Over time, light fixtures and lighting treatments almost become invisible to homeowners. Replacing out of style chandeliers, hanging lights or lighting over kitchen workspaces can have a major effect on the look of a room.

And remember, it’s not just the look of light fixtures and treatments, that makes a difference; it’s also the lighting emitted by those fixtures. Lighting changes the appearance of everything – just ask any photographer.

The right light from the right fixture can make a room look warmer, more intimate, larger or smaller. In contrast, the wrong lighting can have a negative impact on a room. For example, extremely bright or harsh lighting can add tension to a room.

Of course, adding light dimmers to your lighting can help achieve a variety of goals; a bright kitchen while you’re chopping ingredients for a stir-fry, and then lowered lighting while enjoying that special meal.


Open the Door to a Fresh Look

Selecting and installing new doors is another quick and easy update for homes that pays off with big benefits for a comparatively small investment of time and resources.

The choices today go well beyond traditional, white, flat doors or white six-panel doors. And any door can gain more visual interest with the right door handles. Countless door handle designs in an array of finishes can be that touch that makes all the difference.


A Professional Eye Matters

The interior design professionals of Agape Construction’s Design Center have decades of experience – and broad expertise – in maximizing the details that can have a big impact on your home.

They keep up to date on the latest trends, looks and products, and can guide you in making key decisions for a room, a floor or your entire home.

They also offer you the resources of our Design Center, which features hundreds of on-hand samples of flooring, tile, fabrics, hardware and more.

The center also enables our designers to create 3D renderings of a room or your home, making it easy to visualize the effects of changes – large and small – to your home.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you make the right decisions to give your home that special look for this holiday season!

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